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Our bilingual journal soon to be published. We have tried to highlight some pertinent issues. Gratitude to @D_AMERZ @Anamkhair8 @ArzakKhan @SamrezSalik1 @HTahirRasheed @GKYTweets @AffandiSundas and @sonybaloch for contributions. @BanariMengal @jam_kamal @hamnatweets @mirbehramb

Looking for a superb analyst, critical thinker, and awesome writer and editor, experienced in the development sector. Should be able to pick up and run with any sector and any kind of analytical work. Has to be committed to spend 2 years or more and build teams. DM me.

Whatever syllabus you may follow but the test of a successful educational system depends on how much critical thinking you inculcate in a student. @Shafqat_Mahmood @yasmeen_9 @ImtiazGul60 @ejazhaider @MsAishaK @Rabs_AA @IPRI_Pakistan @LodhiMaleeha

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