We are your one-stop shop to adopt renewable energy and lessen your fossil fuel reliance, reduce your carbon footprint, lessen your grid dependence, increase your energy independence, lower your life-cycle energy costs, restructure your energy finances, or to simply increase and improve your energy supply.

Reenergia-Enhar is an energy consulting and services company based in Pakistan, and the sole partner of Enhar, Australia in Pakistan. With our combined experience, we apply principles of environmental sustainability, sound science & engineering, as well as profitability, social acceptability and regulatory compliance, to assist our clients to bring RE projects from concept to reality. We provide services in the following areas.

  • Design, supervision, nurturing and M&EE
  • Standards, Testing and Quality Control
  • Renewable Energy application assessments
  • Energy Audits
  • Renewable Energy Analytics
  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Research Collaborations with Academia
  • Energy Policy Research (scope: national to communal)
  • Closing the “Energy Access Gap”
  • Renewable Energy Logistics

Our partners, Enhar, are sustainable energy consultants in Melbourne with services encompassing renewable energy, energy auditing and sustainability grant funding assistance. Enhar’s services are designed to support client organizations who are committed to improving energy efficiency, reducing running costs and improving productivity and work environments. Their team has extensive experience of working with businesses to implement energy efficiency, through energy audits, grant scheme applications (e.g. CTIP and SRSB, Australia) and verification of energy savings. Their experience is at the ‘coal face’ of assisting individual organizations to improve energy efficiency through changes to hardware, software and behavior. They have worked with Schools, manufacturers and local government to identify energy saving opportunities, create business cases for upgrades and improvements, and measure the savings. Enhar understands the success factors for effective energy efficiency projects to make them meaningful to real organizations facing real pressures. They understand the commercial context in which Australian organizations make their energy and productivity-related decisions, and are helping us to implement the same in Pakistan as well.


The Reenergia-Enhar team believes that energy—especially access to electric power—is a basic pre-condition to human economic and social development. With 20 percent of the world’s population without access to this power and another 20 percent without access to reliable power, one can understand the reasons why vast human populations are disadvantaged and unable to compete. With affordable and clean energy announced as one of the Sustainable Development Goals for the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this cause is now globally recognized. This is evident through leading initiatives such as SE4ALL and the recently announced Break through Energy Coalition.

Reenergia-Enhar advocates the development of energy independence and reduction in grid dependence. We understand how energy security for nations and individuals depends on a creative balance between distributed generation and the reliance on a centralized grid. Centralized grids are not only expensive to extend and maintain, they are oft unstable and purely reliant on a centralized source—we have all witnessed enough major power blackouts in the past 15 years all over the globe from developed to developing countries to affirm this claim. We firmly believe that future energy policies at all levels from national to local will need to address and spread reliance on localized distributed generation.

Electrification approach required to achieve universal access by 2030 by Region (as % of generation) Source: IFC Consumer Perceptions Study Field Research Note the role of mini-grids in Asia and Africa

Reenergia-Enhar is formed around the notion of early phased adoption of renewable technologies by all—our team pushes for adopting and sourcing the latest solution rather than pushing old and tired technology that is naturally making its way to developing countries through over or continued production. Naturally, the greatest challenge to this early adoption is availability of financing and not clients’ risk appetites. Our goals include pioneering the evolution of the RE sector in Pakistan, the development of energy independent communities through distributed generation with a focus on off-grid rural communities, and improved quality of energy access and its data acquisition for on- and off-grid consumers. Something which we have already started showing some success in!


Rennergia-Enhar focuses primarily on Pakistan, given its huge energy crisis, with more than half the population either living off-grid, or having substandard quantity and quality of electricity from the grid. Our secondary geographic focus is Asia and Africa as most of the unserved and underserved populations of the world, in terms of electric power, reside here; yet these two continents will be the harbingers and drivers of future global growth. Pakistan in particular and these regions in general fit well with our team’s focus on early renewables technology adoption and on distributed generation and in the longer run.

More than 20 percent of the world's people have no access to electricity and guess where they live?

Source: Electricity Access Database (International Energy Agency); Dalberg analysis


The Reenergia-Enhar team integrates multi-country experience, vision, policy, design, and management skills in providing bespoke and cutting-edge solutions to our Clients.

  • Amer Zafar Durrani
    ( CEO and MD, aka “Maverick” )

    Amer Zafar Durrani is a leading social entrepreneur and policy expert with over 30 years of development and commercial experience across 24 countries. He has a broad range of public policy experience with global institutions such as World Bank and UN. Amer is also an advisor to Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and the Industry Co-chair for NUST Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) Energy Sector Committee, Islamabad.

    Amer carries a passion for developing solutions for low cost renewable energy, collaborations in social entrepreneurship and improving infrastructure and connectivity governance. Prior to founding Reenergia-Enhar, he worked in the World Bank Group for 17 years in a spectrum of areas including energy, trade facilitation and logistics, transport, community driven development projects, and technology integration among others. Presently, he is also the Director of Secur Global; a partner in Geopolicity and in RIZ Consulting; and a Consultant to International Trade Center and the ADB.

  • Trevor Ackland
    ( Director Enhar )

    Trevor Ackland is a professional engineer with experience in the wind, solar PV, solar hot water and efficient lighting markets. His experience has included wind feasibility assessments, wind monitoring, solar PV design and solar hot water design for medium sized projects and market studies into renewable energy systems and products. Trevor has led several major solar projects at Enhar including feasibility projects for Councils such as Frankston, City of Moreland, City of Melbourne, City of Manningham and utilities such as Melbourne Water.

    Trevor has completed grid connect solar PV design course at RMIT University, and a "Small Wind Assessors Course" with the Institute of Sustainable Futures. He plays a central role in keeping Enhar up to date with the latest integrative storage technologies.

    Prior to joining Enhar, Trevor volunteered for Engineers without Borders and CERES, including a stint in India researching sustainable energy, water and sanitation options for a rural community.

  • Demian Natakhan
    (Director Enhar )

    Demian Natakhan is a Chartered Energy Engineer with 12 years of experience in managing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects through planning and implementation.

    In the development of renewable generation projects, Demian has managed all aspects of the development process from identifying sites, land negotiations, feasibility assessments, site capacity studies, resource monitoring and analysis, environmental study preparation including landscape and noise impacts, assistance with co-ordination construction on site, foundation constructions and the erection of the turbines.

    His expertise includes wind farms, single wind turbine projects, small scale wind, solar photovoltaic projects both commercial rooftop and solar farms, biogas generation, wave and tidal technologies.

    Also an energy efficiency expert, Demian undertakes Level 2 and 3 energy audits for a range of manufacturing and commercial sites around Australia and verified the energy savings, often also assisting obtain significant grant funding for client projects.

  • Aqdas Nida
    ( Consultant / Research Analyst )

    Aqdas Nida is an Engineer by profession and has worked in a versatile environment in both Singapore and Pakistan. She received her degree in Engineering Science with a specialization in Energy Systems in 2012 from the renowned global institution, National University of Singapore. Her fields of expertise include energy systems, efficiency and renewables; she has been active in roles involving research and development and project management.

    Ms. Nida has numerous publications to her credit including an International Patent and research papers published by Elsevier. Apart from that, she has received various awards like distinguished Minister for National Development’s R&D Award in Singapore, NUS Student Achievement Award, and Presidential Award in Pakistan for her achievements. Additionally, she has actively participated in social and welfare work under networks such as the Red Cross Humanitarian Network and Robin Hood Army.

  • Muhammad Umar Mukhtar
    (Energy Specialist )

    Muhammad Umar Mukhtar is a Renewable Energy and Supply Chain Management expert with a background in Electrical Engineering.

    He completed his Masters in Renewable Energy & Clean Technology from the University of Manchester on a fully funded prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship in 2014. Before that, he did his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the renowned College of EME at NUST. Apart from that, Umar holds a Prince2 Foundation Project Management Certification.

    In the past, he has been employed by Engro Powergen in combined cycle power plant operations and by Coca Cola Pakistan in the Supply Chain department. At Coca Cola, he was part of the project team which oversaw the erection and commissioning of the $100 million production plant in Multan in 2015. In 2016, he was selected as the Supply Chain Innovation Champion from all over Pakistan.

  • M. Usman Alam
    ( Electrical Engineer and “Office Guru” )

    Muhammad Usman Alam is an Engineer by profession and is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council. Alongside his Electrical Engineering degree from one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, National University of Sciences and Technology; he has a certification in Health Safety and Environment Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management accompanied with numerous projects in his field, giving him a solid footing in both engineering and management.

    Usman brings expertise in project management, technology management, design, legal and contract Engineering. He is actively engaged in research analysis and deployment of systems and services for process improvement, automation and analyzing the organization with integration to technology. Usman is also working as an Innovator and Manager for Secur Global Group of Companies.

  • Maham Faisal Khan
    ( Programme Manager )

    Maham Khan is the programme manager at Reenergia Enhar; a Philosophy and Experimental Psychology graduate from Oxford University, UK. She is currently doing her Masters from New York University. Maham has assisted Reenergia-Enhar on various projects, especially by setting up Pakistan’s first Village Growth Accelerator Program, LMKR solar stations, among others. She carries a passion for tech enablement, energy & environment, gender and education. Maham is also an entrepreneur, who runs her digital enterprise by the name of LAUNCH and she has been worked on various educational and awareness projects in Pakistan; recently Teach For Pakistan.

  • Faaiz Ajaz
    ( Technical Lead )

    Faaiz Ajaz is Technical Lead at Reenergia-Enhar, he has worked with international organizations including Hagler-Bailly, Tetra Tech, Action Aid, USEFP, Energy Research centre Maryland, Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre USA on various environmental and developmental verticals. Faaiz has specialized in Environment, Development and Policy from University of Sussex, Brighton UK and obtained certification in sustainability from University of Oregon, Eugene USA. His undergraduate degree was in Environmental Science from University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Faaiz has contributed to Reenergia-Enhar’s growth by working on AFD’s green credit facility and guarantee schemes feasibility for renewable energy investments in Pakistan, IFC energy consumption surveys in Balochistan, Village Growth Accelerator Programs with PPAF and other studies for Asian Development Bank.

  • Durreshawar Mahmood
    ( Environmental and Sustainability Lead )

    Durreshawar Mahmood is an environmental specialist by profession, women activist by passion and has worked as an independent project consultant in the areas of WASH, EDUCATION, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and CLIMATE CHANGE funded by international and national organizations. She has obtained her specialization in Environmental Science from the university of Leicester UK, as a Commonwealth shared scholarship-awardee funded by Commonwealth Commission UK. She has also obtained certification in Energy Management from Australian National University and GENDER WOMEN’S STUDIES from State university of New York USA (under the cultural & academic exchange programme funded by bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs US State Department). She undertook training in Social Entrepreneurship & Globalization(2013) by International Research and Exchange Board USA, Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs IREX 2015, Entrepreneurship training core level 1 by US Embassy Pakistan. Durre has also cofounded PAKW2E2: Pakistan Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment initiative; An ICT development program for Pakistani rural women entrepreneurs supported by World Learning.

    Durre carries passion for addressing gender gap, digital divide and reshaping the livelihoods of the vulnerable communities through clean and green programmes.

  • Sara Aftab Cheema
    ( ICT and Networks Lead )

    Sara Aftab Cheema is our Research Assistant and Technology Lead at Reenergia-Enhar She graduated as a Telecom Engineering and Mastered in Telecommunications and Networks from NUST. Her services at Reenergia-Enhar range from providing assistance in Tech Projects regarding Design & Planning, to Research and expedite Project Activities. She also assists with Business Intelligence and Writing Endeavors given her technical background in series with her being a published Tech Writer.


The Board of partners, advisors and contributors at Reenergia-Enhar is composed of creative, informed and accomplished high level thought leaders, from both within Pakistan and worldwide. The Advisors provide strategic direction and guidance to Reenergia-Enhar on company matters including future growth initiatives, business development and sector insight and trends. They act as knowledge builders in the company and give counsel on research and development, operations and effective project implementation. Reenergia-Enhar has also established strategic business partnerships in the form of both individual Partners/Contributors and Partner Companies to cover all possible client needs and deliver exceptional quality of solutions and services.

  • Fritz Boehmler
    (Partner )

    Fritz Bohmler is the CEO of Solar-b Innovative Square (Pvt) Ltd. He is a prominent expert in renewable energy, especially in thermal and electrical solar systems, with decades of experience in leading solar systems companies such as topsolar GmbH, pro solar Solarstrom GmbH and pro solar Energietechnik GmbH as CEO/Director. He is a German professional with over 25 years of experience in designing, implementing and monitoring Solar PV standalone / grid connected systems in Germany, Italy and Pakistan. He is noted for his skills in providing highly innovative and cost effective solutions for most urgent problems in both on and off grid systems. He has strong ties with both academia (NUST, NTU) and industry, and has a broad range of experience in solar solutions study, installation and distribution. Additionally he has headed a multitude of feasibility studies and performance testing including some at the 100 MW Quaid-e-Azam solar park system.

  • Samuel Guirado Borrego
    ( Contributor)

    Samuel Guirado is an Economist whose fields of experience include international trade, public finance and private sector development. He is especially skilled in the areas of economic analysis and international development. He has held positions such as analyst, consultant and business development executive in the World Bank, Barnardos and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

    During his prior experiences, Mr. Guirado has covered social and gender inclusion, private sector development and public financial management consulting at the World Bank. At Barnardos he carried out data analysis and policy-influencing work on evaluation of use of voluntary funds and survey design, vulnerability and mapping analysis and capacity building. He was also involved in research and analysis on business opportunities for women entrepreneurs, strengthening the fiscal system and protection for low-income workers in Solomon Islands. He has extensive experience in liaising with government officials, private sector representatives and donor organizations.

  • Azher Uddin Khan
    ( Partner )

    Azher Uddin Khan Partner Azher Uddin Khan is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at NEC Consultants Pvt Ltd., Chief Executive Officer of Cleaner Production Institute and visiting faculty in Kinnaird University Lahore. He has 30 years of experience in the field of environment and development. He contributed as team member in ‘National Human Settle Policy for Pakistan’, National Reference Manual for Infrastructure Standards’, ‘Environmental Management Framework for Community Projects’, ‘National Conservation Strategy of Pakistan’, and many development plans for intermediate cities. He served as team leader for many industrial sustainable development and environmental impact assessment projects, including dams, industry, and infrastructure projects. He is the author of more than 20 national and international research papers in the fields of environment, development, and cleaner production.

  • Dr. Talat Mahmood
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Dr. Talat Mahmood is the CEO of SonnenPlus Pakistan, as well as CEO for Bridge to Pakistan GmbH Berlin, Germany. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Berlin Social Science Center, the biggest European think tank in this specific field. Dr. Dr. Mahmood is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific-Forum Berlin (APFB) and Chairman of the Country Forum Pakistan, which aims to promote economic, trade, investment and cultural relations between Germany and Pakistan.

    His company SonnenPlus has executed a number of PV projectg, ranging from small-scale (Kwp) to large-scale (Mwp). Since 1997 Dr. Mahmood has been organizing the “Pakistan Business Day” every two years in Berlin, receiving high-ranking delegations from the fields of economy and politics. One of his major achievements as the chairman of the Pakistan-Forum is concluding a number of Pakistani-German joint ventures, and he has created a top-class network in German and Pakistani politics and economy.

  • Peter J. Middlebrook
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Dr. Middlebrook is the co-founder and CEO of Geopolicity Inc, an international management and consultancy group based in the UAE. He is a development economist, political scientist, businessman and philanthropist. He specializes in Emerging Markets in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and Horn of Africa and is a keen observer on issues related to globalization. He worked as an economic, security and political advisor to the World Bank, European Union, United Nations, and the Government ofs UK as well as global corporations covering energy, infrastructure, mining and water.

    Dr. Middlebrook focuses on investment finance and the privatization and transformation of national economies, including energy markets. He was a guest speaker in the US Council On Foreign Relation (CFR), the Hague Institute for Global Governance and the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF). He also contributes regularly to Al Jazeera on Middle East, North African and Central Asian current affairs.

  • Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Dr. Bilal is the founding Dean of SCME, NUST and also the USAID funded Center for Advanced Studies in Energy at NUST. Dr. Khan has worked across four continents on diverse projects ranging from energy systems to machine design to high performance composites, establishing state-of-the-art facilities worth USD 10.0 M.

    Dr. Khan has authored 4 books, with over 100 publications in journals of international repute. He also has 8 patents to his credit.

    Dr. Khan previously served as Director Prime Glass, and consultant to the US Department of Energy and Pakistan Air Force. Dr. Khan is a member of the HEC experts review committee, Co-chair Energy Sector Corporate Advisory Council NUST, and member Board of Studies OGDCL Petroleum Engineering Institute. He is also a member of the core energy group constituted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was awarded the President Medal for Technology for his meritorous services.

  • Dr. Nadeem ul Haque
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Dr. Nadeem ul Haque is former Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan and former IMF Resident Country Representative for Egypt and Sri Lanka. He remained Trade Policy Advisor to the Minister of Commerce, Government of Pakistan. He has wide-ranging operational experience with over 24 years at the International Monetary Fund, including leading technical assistance missions and policy and research teams. As the IMF Representative for two central banks, he organized a modernization effort, which included improvements in the monetary framework and the policy formulation process. He also led organizational reform and efforts for nationwide deregulation in Sri Lanka. He also served as an advisor for the Entrepreneurship Development Institute. Dr. Ul Haque has a strong background in economic analysis and policy development, reflected in numerous publications in academic and policy journals and conference participation.

  • Ilyas Fazil
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Dr. Fazil is a Chemical Engineer by profession, with a Ph.D.in Petrochemical Engineering. He possesses over 35 years of experience, over 25 years with Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) from where he retired in November 2008 as Deputy General Manager. He has also served as Member Oil (OGRA) in 2009-10 and as Director Project with TransAsia Refinery limited (TRL), Karachi Dr. Fazil is a registered Professional Engineer, Pakistan Engineering Council, Member Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers and Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

  • Dr. Raza Kazmi
    ( Advisor and Knowledge Builder )

    Syed Muhammad Raza KAZMI did his MEngSc with High Distinction from University of New South Wales Australia in 2001 and PhD as a MEXT scholar from Tohoku University Japan in 2010. He then completed two Post-Doctoral Fellowships in subsequent years – first one on a project with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Japan and the second at the University of Adelaide Australia as an Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellow. Dr. Kazmi specializes in Power Electronics and Control System design for both Wind and Solar Energy Conversion Systems. His research interests involve innovative technologies and control intelligence for Energy & Water Efficiency, Community based Smart Nano and Micro Grids, as well as the design of Electro-Medical and Electro-Surgical devices. Currently Dr. Kazmi is an Assistant Professor at US Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan.


  • Village Growth Accelerator Program

    Reenergia-Enhar in partnership with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), along with its consortium partners (Enclude Solutions, Indus Earth Trust, and Inerrant Finance) launched an integrated ecosystem approach towards creating smart village “clusters” by tapping into its expansive network of implementing partners to holistically resolve community-based challenges. Our flagship project “Village Growth Accelerator Program” aggregates good market acceleration practices with access to finance, viewing energy access at the core of its development ethos.

    The program will act as an intermediary financial service provider, network builder, connector, advisor, and mentor to bridge the gaps and restructure the village markets to allow more accessibility to growth. Ultimately, this aggregation approach to integrated, energy-centric rural development aims to both finance and accelerate livelihoods, indigenous employment and enterprise development; support infrastructure, water and community physical infrastructure; and ultimately poverty alleviation. It will nurture village clusters to become their own energy supply companies (ESCOs) and the bread-baskets of Pakistan.

  • Renewable Energy Credit line market feasibility study for Agence Française de Développement-France

    Reenergia-Enhar with Enclude BV, Netherlands has recently undertaken the renewable energy credit line and guarantee scheme feasibility study for renewable energy investments in Pakistan. As a part of the study we also designed the technical assistance program for local financial institutions with State Bank of Pakistan to promote the clean energy investments in Pakistan with better financing opportunities available for investors and consumers, we believe Pakistan will be able to harness its abundant renewable energy resource. The study takes a deep dive into the energy markets of Pakistan by categorizing energy markets into medium to large IPP projects (5 to 30MW), captive and grid spillover projects (<5MW) and small off-grid projects (<1MW).The study along with financial assessment also devoted special attention to demand side assessment (the renewable energy investments), socio-economic and environmental impact assessment, policy and regulatory setup, quantified realistic market potential.


    “Just Light is Not Enough” was conceived to provide power through installation of mini-grids for enterprise development in villages in addition to basic lighting needs. This is first of its kind project in Pakistan initiated by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), advised by Reenergia-Enhar and implemented by Indus Earth Trust.

    The aim of the project was to develop and implement an investment friendly and financially sustainable mini-grid solution which would not only help the client villages progress themselves through development of enterprises, but will also ensure that appropriate social mobilization was undertaken to help the eager communities understand the system and its aims. The villagers are sold electricity on fixed rates and they are made responsible for the operation of the whole system. This helps generate employment as well as ensures financial viability of the project.

  • Field Survey to Assess Grid Energy Solutions in Baluchistan

    Reenergia-Enhar has partnered with Enclude B.V, Netherlands to assess grid energy solutions for the Lasbela district of Baluchistan. Under this project, the household, commercial and industrial energy consumption patterns as well as the demand is being measured. The project is funded by International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group and is currently underway.

  • Pakistan’s Power Sector Circular Debt Issue Paper for Asian Development Bank

    Reenergia-Enhar has completed an issue paper for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) studying the underlying causes, impacts and the solutions for the circular Debt issue being experienced by the power sector. The paper identifies the nature of the debt and carries out a comprehensive data analysis for all the distribution companies (DISCOs) in Pakistan to understand the loss suffered by each DISCO due to the current tariff structure. The paper also analyzes the trend of the debt and the subsidies to the power sector over the last 5 years and concludes with some solutions for controlling the debt.

  • Value Chains Issue paper for Asian Development Bank

    Reenergia-Enhar has completed an issue paper on Pakistan’s Agricultural Value chains for the Asian Development Bank (ADB). We investigated and analyzed over 25 Agricultural and non-Agricultural value chains and identified challenges both vertically and horizontally across VC activities and actors. The study concludes by proposing fixation of value chains through exports products/services diversification and sophistication in form of a framework that investigates VC challenges, deduces value addition at each stage and activity along the sub supply chains of rural, domestic and Exports markets.

  • Pakistan Energy Policy

    Reenergia-Enhar, through its collaboration with National University of Science & Technology Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), has been tasked to assist the NUST Energy Center in developing a new policy for the energy and power sector development of Pakistan. Realizing that the power sector in Pakistan has been facing severe crisis, and that all the previous power policies failed to achieve the desired results, Reenergia-Enhar has now embarked on a mission to help formulate a viable and sustainable framework under which the Energy Policy could be developed.

  • Renewable Energy based hybrid Electricity solution for AICT

    Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Ltd. (AICT) is Pakistan's premier off-dock container terminal. Located close to the Karachi port, AICT has been serving a growing number of import and export customers from Pakistan's shipping and freight forwarding industry since business operations commenced in 2001. Their 800,000 sq. ft. terminal and 30,000 sq. ft. indoor shed space is strategically located near Karachi port and the main industrial zone. However, limited grid supply of electricity is available (25-30 KVA substation). Thus a 400KVA diesel generator is utilized during the day while another 100KVA during the night to fulfill the electricity demand of 100KVA to 125KVA resulting in high operating costs. The facility essentially functions as an off-grid facility.

    Taking AICT off-grid with a renewable based hybrid solution – The solution provided by Reenergia-Enhar is the installation of an off-grid solar powered system along with backup batteries to make up for the diesel generators and night hours demand respectively for the AICT building. Reenergia-Enhar has taken this project of installation and owing to the in-city strategic location and the financial stability of AICT, the visibility of this project (energy independence, Karachi, within city off-grid, GAC Logistics the key foreign partner going green, the only green terminal in Pakistan)—a beneficial project for all stakeholders setting a new trend in the industrial area.

Industry Collaboration, Affiliations & Linkages

Reneergia-Enhar brings value to renewable energy adoption through valuable industry linkages and collaborations. Our team focuses on client needs and diligently works to bring together the best products and services to deliver. We are continually developing our networks and partners, in both industry and academia, based on our long-term outlook to develop client specific solutions and target sustainability rather than one-time sales. Our collaboration with diverse renewable energy service providers exemplifies our constant desire to reach out and understand the possibility of future collaborations.

Reenergia-Enhar has a prime focus on quality and certifications, as these enable access to finance for renewable energy adoption. Financial due diligence, whether at the household level or at the industrial level, focuses on the overall renewable energy supply chain—products and services—and can only be satisfied with a solid certification process. Through our linkages, we are evolving our capacity to provide required certifications; as we know that this will increase our ability to garner renewable energy finance for our clients.

  • Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

    Reenergia-Enhar has an extensive collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). PPAF is the lead agency for poverty reduction in Pakistan. Reerngia-Enhar is working in an advisory and accelerator role with Enclude B.V., Netherlands and PPAF which currently has a 10 million euro project funding from KfW, Germany for Integrated development approach for villages and clusters. The accelerator aims to identify key resources from within PPAF for the Sector Development approach to Public Goods and Services. With this partnership, Reenergia-Enhar will have access to the 70 implementation partners operating in the 90 districts of Pakistan, and this puts us in a prime position for any future engagements in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    Being a community-led, demand-driven institution, PPAF focuses on partnerships which are non-prescriptive and model-neutral but value-driven. It has presence in almost 90 districts of Pakistan and works through a network of more than 70 Implementation Partners, and has implemented USD 1.8 billion worth of community scale programs all around Pakistan, comprising of schemes such as micro-credit access, infrastructure and project implementation support.


  • KODAK LED Lighting

    Reenergia-Enhar is the dealer of Kodak LED lighting and Spotlite Solar inverters in Pakistan. Spotlite USA is a brand licensee for KODAK LED Lighting products.

    KODAK LED Luminaires are designed to provide the best looking light possible. Kodak’s experience working with leading architectural and interior designers provides a knowledge base and understanding of lighting that goes beyond engineering. The technology behind their products has been proven through years of successful performance in demanding environments. Whether hospitality, commercial or residential; KODAK LED Lighting is the right product for your needs.

    Reenergia-Enhar provides the full assortment of LED lighting products which have longevity as well as affordability. The luminaries have been developed to provide exceptional value and have 12 to 18 month ROI. Updating to the latest LED lighting technology will mean years of use from a single bulb. We are committed to providing longevity with a great looking light that lasts up to 10 years. A change to KODAK LED Lighting is probably the last bulb you will change.


  • World Bank Group and International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Reenergia-Enhar being sector champions in the off grid energy markets in Pakistan contributed to Pakistan’s Solar and Renewable Energy Program (PSREP), a project of World Bank Group/IFC on developing clean and sustainable and market friendly options for rural and urban electrification in Sindh Province. Reenergia-Enhar took a lead in off grid village electrification consultative workshop and was invited to present their all-purpose-solution to sustainable rural electrification i.e. Village Growth Accelerator Program.


  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Australia Award

    Reenergia-Enhar is investing in its diverse and dynamic energy professionals, our staff is capacity enhanced though technical assistance programs in the world renowned universities. Two our colleagues Mr. Umar Mukhtar Renewable energy specialist and Ms. Durre Mahmood environment and sustainability lead were trained at Australian National University and took one month training by DFAT, Supporting Security in south Asia (AASWA) a program sponsored by Australia awards DFAT and administered by Scope Global.


  • Insaan

    Reenergia-Enhar has partnered with Insaan Group for feasibility and project appraisals. Insaan Group is formed as a global philanthropic fund of funds, focusing initially on Afghanistan and India, and qualifies as a tax exempt, public charity (501 c 3) under US law. Insaan's aim is to make philanthropy more effective by applying sound investment principles to the field of global philanthropy. As a partner. Reenergia-Enhar recently appraised Insaan Group’s Kenya solar mini-grid project, called ‘PowerGen’.

    Insaan works with philanthropists on four themes that it believes to be instrumental in addressing human needs in developing countries: Education Fund, Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Orphan Fund and Culture Fund.

    By connecting private wealth to innovative ventures in developing countries, both through funding charitable projects and through variants of loan or equity, Insaan increases the overall impact of philanthropic giving.


  • NUST Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)

    The NUST CAC was formed in 2010, with the simple mandate of having a positive impact on the socio-economic development of Pakistan through active engagement with the Industry. The CAC has developed linkages with industrial and business enterprises across nine Sectors of the economy; namely, Automotive, Bio-technology, Infrastructure, Information Communications and Technology (ICT), Engineering, Banking & Financial Services (BFS), Energy, Chemical and Social Sector Committees. Also part of the CAC are senior representatives from Government establishments, thereby creating a unique triple-helix combination of Academia, Industry and Government, engaging in advisory, consultation and R&D collaboration. The CAC brings the NUST Institutes and the Industry together on a common platform, enabling them to join hands to find workable solutions, through R&D, to real-life problems encountered in product development, design and commercialization.

    Reenergia-Enhar is working in close collaboration with NUST CAC to assit in realizing their objectives. The CAC Energy Sector Committee is co-chaired by Mr. Amer Z. Durrani, Managing Director and CEO Reenergia-Enhar, (Pvt.) Limited, from the Industry, and Dr. Muhammad Bilal Khan, Principal & Dean Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (CAS-EN), from NUST.


  • Enclude

    Enclude, formerly undertaking business as ShoreBank Intl & Triodos Facet, is an advisory firm dedicated to building an inclusive and prosperous global economy. Enclude provides integrated capacity and capital services along with advisory services which accelerate sustainable growth in emerging economies, deliver meaningful returns and strengthen businesses, institutions and the entrepreneurs, enterprises and communities they serve. Enclude’s committed professionals work in five registered offices (Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India) and in project locations across the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia.


  • SonnenPlus

    SonnenPlus GmbH founded in Germany in 1988 by Thomas Sacks, by profession an engineer and solar energy expert. SonnenPlus offers, based on customers electricity demand, usage & load profile a complete solar product range from off-grid home solution (SHSS and LHSS) for remote areas (villages) up to photovoltaic systems solutions for your residential, commercial and hybrid industrial needs as well as higher megawatt solar parks complete and customized package.


  • Geopolicity

    Geopolicity is a strategic advisory consulting firm, with an international reputation for excellence in the area of political and economic intelligence. Through their extensive group of leading international associates, they offer world class intelligence and management consultancy services to public and private sector clients alike. They specialize in research, intelligence and analysis in emerging markets and less developed countries throughout the globe including countries in conflict. In essence, Geopolicity assesses and interpret the politics of international business. Geopolicity provides world class advisory in emerging and frontier market contexts. Their clients include governments, multilateral organizations and investment banks and corporations. Their core business is transacted across the Middle East and North Africa, Central and South Asia, Western Europe and the United States of America.


  • Solar-b Innovative Square (Pvt) Ltd

    Solar-b Innovative Square (Pvt) Ltd offers services for developing suitable solar systems for Pakistan, consultancy / supervision for solar power plants and services such as installation, maintenance, monitoring and module testing for a range of customers including investors, EPC, Industrial and commercial clients. The company’s strengths lie in its highly qualified team of partners, vast experience in resolving problems of solar MW Systems (QASP Bahawalpur) and experience of commercial on-grid solar-system (running system in Islamabad) resulting in Pakistan adapted solutions but with German standards.

    They have exclusive co-operation and technology partnerships with highly innovative international, German and European manufacturers like SIEMENS, Fronius and so on. Solar-b offers a selected range of highly reliable and efficient products, focused on the real needs or relevant segments like rural electrification for poorest people, tube wells and drip irrigation and solarized UPS for residential market.


    SOLARPRAXIS offers top services and ground-breaking products that drive the industry forward, operating in the territory between technological advance and the communication work involved in this area.

    The conferences department organizes highly recognized industry get-togethers, among them the Forum Solarpraxis, which has been held since 1999 and is Europe’s largest business-oriented solar power conference.



    iENGINEERING is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a mission is to provide cost-effective quality IT solutions that target your goals. iENGINEERING accepts the challenges of outsourcing, to deliver the most reliable offshore software development, quality assurance and technical support services to the enterprises worldwide. As a full-service IT firm, it can handle all aspects of your outsourced projects.


  • EcotecWorld

    In 6 offices, over 3 continents EcotecWorld is using sustainable technology to create value. From utility grade solar farms packaged as high yield investments, through to LED lighting conversion projects, EcotecWorld is pioneering the Green Technology Revolution.


  • NEC Consultants

    NEC is an environmental and energy consulting company in Pakistan. Established in 1993, the company has come a long way in retaining its excellence in diversified areas of environmental protection and resource efficiency. Though our core services are technical in nature, but we consult, facilitate, mobilize, outreach and interact with all our stakeholders to enable communities, industries and government work in harmony for achieving national sustainable development goals in the field of environment & industry.

    With offices in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad, NEC employs over 100 professionals. Coming from a wide range of disciplines, our specialists provide quality services throughout Pakistan. We are involved in both large and small scales projects for private sector, international partner consulting companies, NGOs and financing institutions.


  • Secur Global

    100 years of Logistics Excellence spread over a wealth of knowledge and Experience. We are a pioneer organization in 5PL supply and logistics with innovative approach and vast resources along with vast experience in the field. We believe that after the turn of 21st century, the old practices of cumbersome client-agent(s)-service relationship can be simplified to simply a client-service model, given the advanced techniques made available to us by technology are made use of and effectively utilized.

    Secur Global (SG) is one of Pakistan’s first 5PL company—ensuring complete logistics solutions both beyond and behind the ‘Organization’s gates’. Formed by a collaboration between Al Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT)—which was also at formation, Pakistan’s first off-dock full service terminal—and Security Packers (SP).

    Secur Global is the sister company of Reenergia-Enhar and its services portfolio consists of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transport, Warehousing, Port Handling, Customs Clearance, Shipping, Project and Event Logistics, Consultancy, Sourcing and Procurement.




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