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Reenergia-Enhar is an energy consulting and services company based in Pakistan, and the sole partner of Enhar, Australia in Pakistan. With our combined experience, we apply principles of environmental sustainability, sound science & engineering, as well as profitability, social acceptability and regulatory compliance, to assist our clients to bring RE projects from concept to reality. We provide services in the following areas.

  • Design, supervision, nurturing and M&EE
  • Standards, Testing and Quality Control
  • Renewable Energy application assessments
  • Energy Audits
  • Renewable Energy Analytics
  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Research Collaborations with Academia
  • Energy Policy Research (scope: national to communal)
  • Closing the “Energy Access Gap”
  • Renewable Energy Logistics

Our partners, Enhar, are sustainable energy consultants in Melbourne with services encompassing renewable energy, energy auditing and sustainability grant funding assistance. Enhar’s services are designed to support client organizations who are committed to improving energy efficiency, reducing running costs and improving productivity and work environments. Their team has extensive experience of working with businesses to implement energy efficiency, through energy audits, grant scheme applications (e.g. CTIP and SRSB, Australia) and verification of energy savings. Their experience is at the ‘coal face’ of assisting individual organizations to improve energy efficiency through changes to hardware, software and behavior. They have worked with Schools, manufacturers and local government to identify energy saving opportunities, create business cases for upgrades and improvements, and measure the savings. Enhar understands the success factors for effective energy efficiency projects to make them meaningful to real organizations facing real pressures. They understand the commercial context in which Australian organizations make their energy and productivity-related decisions, and are helping us to implement the same in Pakistan as well.


The Reenergia-Enhar team believes that energy—especially access to electric power—is a basic pre-condition to human economic and social development. With 20 percent of the world’s population without access to this power and another 20 percent without access to reliable power, one can understand the reasons why vast human populations are disadvantaged and unable to compete. With affordable and clean energy announced as one of the Sustainable Development Goals for the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this cause is now globally recognized. This is evident through leading initiatives such as SE4ALL and the recently announced Break through Energy Coalition.

Reenergia-Enhar advocates the development of energy independence and reduction in grid dependence. We understand how energy security for nations and individuals depends on a creative balance between distributed generation and the reliance on a centralized grid. Centralized grids are not only expensive to extend and maintain, they are oft unstable and purely reliant on a centralized source—we have all witnessed enough major power blackouts in the past 15 years all over the globe from developed to developing countries to affirm this claim. We firmly believe that future energy policies at all levels from national to local will need to address and spread reliance on localized distributed generation.

Electrification approach required to achieve universal access by 2030 by Region (as % of generation) Source: IFC Consumer Perceptions Study Field Research Note the role of mini-grids in Asia and Africa

Reenergia-Enhar is formed around the notion of early phased adoption of renewable technologies by all—our team pushes for adopting and sourcing the latest solution rather than pushing old and tired technology that is naturally making its way to developing countries through over or continued production. Naturally, the greatest challenge to this early adoption is availability of financing and not clients’ risk appetites. Our goals include pioneering the evolution of the RE sector in Pakistan, the development of energy independent communities through distributed generation with a focus on off-grid rural communities, and improved quality of energy access and its data acquisition for on- and off-grid consumers. Something which we have already started showing some success in!


Rennergia-Enhar focuses primarily on Pakistan, given its huge energy crisis, with more than half the population either living off-grid, or having substandard quantity and quality of electricity from the grid. Our secondary geographic focus is Asia and Africa as most of the unserved and underserved populations of the world, in terms of electric power, reside here; yet these two continents will be the harbingers and drivers of future global growth. Pakistan in particular and these regions in general fit well with our team’s focus on early renewables technology adoption and on distributed generation and in the longer run.

More than 20 percent of the world's people have no access to electricity and guess where they live?

Source: Electricity Access Database (International Energy Agency); Dalberg analysis


The Reenergia-Enhar team integrates multi-country experience, vision, policy, design, and management skills in providing bespoke and cutting-edge solutions to our Clients.


The Board of partners, advisors and contributors at Reenergia-Enhar is composed of creative, informed and accomplished high level thought leaders, from both within Pakistan and worldwide. The Advisors provide strategic direction and guidance to Reenergia-Enhar on company matters including future growth initiatives, business development and sector insight and trends. They act as knowledge builders in the company and give counsel on research and development, operations and effective project implementation. Reenergia-Enhar has also established strategic business partnerships in the form of both individual Partners/Contributors and Partner Companies to cover all possible client needs and deliver exceptional quality of solutions and services.

Services Cycle

Reenergia-Enhar provides complete energy and renewables implementation services under one roof: Reenergia-Enhar’s service cycle -360°



“Just Light is Not Enough” was conceived to provide power through installation of mini-grids for enterprise development in villages in addition to basic lighting needs. This is first of its kind project in Pakistan initiated by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), advised by Reenergia-Enhar and implemented by Indus Earth Trust.

The aim of the project was to develop and implement an investment friendly and financially sustainable mini-grid solution which would not only help the client villages progress themselves through development of enterprises, but will also ensure that appropriate social mobilization was undertaken to help the eager communities understand the system and its aims. The villagers are sold electricity on fixed rates and they are made responsible for the operation of the whole system. This helps generate employment as well as ensures financial viability of the project.

Solar Panels being installed at Hamza Samo village in Thatta

The installation phase was completed in August, and now in the next phase a nurturing, monitoring, and evaluation program is being implemented to ensure social and technical oversight of these four pilots. In this regard, Reenergia-Enhar is making use of its collaboration with NUST to help implement this monitoring mechanism via industry-academia partnership.

Through this project, Reenergia-Enhar displayed its comprehensive strength in the efficient implementation of off-grid projects, from the technical to financial model development to mass engegement with rural communities to the training and development of those communities. The baseline energy requirements and livelihood considerations of each village were considered. Mass scale village assessments were carried out and based on the ROI potential, the client villages were selected. The solution design, business and social investment model, tariff setting and training needs were identified, developed and then implemented successfully. The risks and social implications of the project were comprehensively assessed to make the pilot a success.

Pakistan Energy Policy

Reenergia-Enhar, through its collaboration with National University of Science & Technology Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), has been tasked to assist the NUST Energy Center in developing a new policy for the energy and power sector development of Pakistan. Realizing that the power sector in Pakistan has been facing severe crisis, and that all the previous power policies failed to achieve the desired results, Reenergia-Enhar has now embarked on a mission to help formulate a viable and sustainable framework under which the Energy Policy could be developed.


Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Ltd. (AICT) is Pakistan's premier off-dock container terminal. Located close to the Karachi port, AICT has been serving a growing number of import and export customers from Pakistan's shipping and freight forwarding industry since business operations commenced in 2001. Their 800,000 sq. ft. terminal and 30,000 sq. ft. indoor shed space is strategically located near Karachi port and the main industrial zone. However, limited grid supply of electricity is available (25-30 KVA substation). Thus a 400KVA diesel generator is utilized during the day while another 100KVA during the night to fulfill the electricity demand of 100KVA to 125KVA resulting in high operating costs. The facility essentially functions as an off-grid facility.

Taking AICT off-grid with a renewable based hybrid solution – The solution provided by Reenergia-Enhar is the installation of an off-grid solar powered system along with backup batteries to make up for the diesel generators and night hours demand respectively for the AICT building. Reenergia-Enhar has taken this project of installation and owing to the in-city strategic location and the financial stability of AICT, the visibility of this project (energy independence, Karachi, within city off-grid, GAC Logistics the key foreign partner going green, the only green terminal in Pakistan)—a beneficial project for all stakeholders setting a new trend in the industrial area.

Pakistan Village Growth Accelerator Program

Reenergia-Enhar has an extensive collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). PPAF is the lead agency for poverty reduction in Pakistan. Reerngia-Enhar is working in an advisory and accelerator role with Enclude B.V., Netherlands, RIZ Consultancy, Solar-b and PPAF which currently has a 10 million euro project funding from KfW, Germany for formulating and implementing an Integrated development approach for villages and clusters. Being a community-led, demand-driven institution, PPAF has presence in almost 90 districts of Pakistan and works through a network of more than 70 Implementation Partners, and has implemented USD 1.8 billion worth of community scale programs all around Pakistan, comprising of schemes such as micro-credit access, infrastructure and project implementation support.

The accelerator aims to identify key resources from within PPAF for the Sector Development approach to Public Goods and Services (PGS), while keeping Energy Access as the cornerstone of PGS sector development. The Accelerator also aims to develop solutions for PGS sector development to bridge the technology and solutions divide that exists in infrastructure, health, education, energy, finance and connectivity. Through the network of PPAF’s digital hubs across Pakistan—so far, 20 in each province, these are being leveraged and used as the catalyst of transformation by accelerating Agriculture, Renewable Energy and WASH markets. Our program will focus both on supply and demand side stakeholders and will engage financial institutions as well as the real economy while spurring entrepreneurial activity.


Reneergia-Enhar brings value to renewable energy adoption through valuable industry linkages and collaborations. Our team focuses on client needs and diligently works to bring together the best products and services to deliver. We are continually developing our networks and partners, in both industry and academia, based on our long-term outlook to develop client specific solutions and target sustainability rather than one-time sales. Our collaboration with diverse renewable energy service providers exemplifies our constant desire to reach out and understand the possibility of future collaborations.

Reenergia-Enhar has a prime focus on quality and certifications, as these enable access to finance for renewable energy adoption. Financial due diligence, whether at the household level or at the industrial level, focuses on the overall renewable energy supply chain—products and services—and can only be satisfied with a solid certification process. Through our linkages, we are evolving our capacity to provide required certifications; as we know that this will increase our ability to garner renewable energy finance for our clients.



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